Miguel A. Ramirez


Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in November 25, 1989.

Since an early age I felt the desire and love for drawing and painting. My love for painting and drawing was more noticeable than every common child in my classroom. At the age of 12, I started to paint imaginary characters that someday would become the next TV show that will catch the attention of millions. This basic idea has opened to me what is my world now and what it means for me design and arts as a carrier.

Graduated in 2004 from High school Liceo Lic. Victor Estrella Liz with a technical degree in informatics. My love for drawing and computers got together to push even farther my desire to become a designer. In 2006 I was awarded with a full scholarship from the Dominican government and CUNY to study abroad. Starting with a major in Liberal Arts and Science, after 3 years later I found out about the design program at Hostos Community College and made the decision of enrolling in the design program which was what I really wanted to be.

Expecting to graduate from Hostos Community College, and then move on to my Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree to get to the top of my goal which is to take over every branch of designing and master it so I can be the best, in what I do best.